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The Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas

June 2018 I had the opportunity to experience the most enchanting weekend of my life. If you haven’t had the chance to either experience The Electric Daisy Carnival or look into what it’s all about, let me go into detail about my personal experiences and my reasoning for finding EDC the most amazing weekend of the year.

EDCLV was my first 3-day festival. It was where my love, not only for the music, but for the atmosphere within the EDM community, flourished. It was three of the most exhausting, yet life-changing days of my life. And that persisted through the next year, as I know it will do in 2019 as well. Going into any unknown territory, my anxiety is high and my guard is up, but within minutes, I was welcomed into a community of hundreds of thousands of people and it is the most heart-warming feeling. People of different styles, ethnicities, and ages all come together for this weekend to enjoy each other’s company and the amazing music and activities that go along with it. Within the EDM community, you don’t question whether you fit in or not because you are not given the option of NOT fitting in. I had people from around the world introducing themselves to me, showing genuine kindness, and trading me kandi for the heck of it. For those of you who don’t know, kandi are bracelets that people make and bring to EDM concerts and festivals to trade with anyone and everyone. The community as a whole does its best to reciprocate PLUR; peace, love, unity, & respect. And I have no doubt in saying that I continuously experience and reciprocate PLUR. Others may reciprocate PLUR by helping you if you are feeling sick, making sure you are hydrated, spraying you with water on those hot, sweaty days (which are inevitable in Las Vegas during the summertime), fanning you, and making sure you get help from medical if you are in a bad position.

The next year was different in the fact that it was better. I knew what to expect and I was able to branch out even more than I did the previous year. And I hope I will be able to experience something even better next year. EDC not only gave me a place where I could be myself, but it opened up a whole other world for me where I felt comfortable in my own skin even after the festival was over. So for those of you who believe that festivals are solely a place where people go to do drugs and be a delinquent for a weekend, know that I, just like the hundreds of thousands of others who are in my very position, fell in love with the music, the atmosphere, and the community and I will not stand to be generalized into a group that someone believes to be relevant merely because they don’t understand the extent of what a festival may mean to someone. As they say, haters gon’ hate. But I’ll just stick to enjoying the memories I’ve made and continue to make that will last a lifetime.

xo ツ

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