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Mental Health Comes First

Lately it seems as though life has been getting the best of me. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel overwhelmed and both mentally and physically drained. Everyday has seemed to turn into counting down the hours until I’m back in bed. Now I can go blame this solely on being an active college student, but in all honesty, I think my mental exhaustion roots from social media and the importance our generation places on social media. Technology and social media are so easily accessible nowadays and I believe it harms both our development and our well-being. So I have chosen to do an experiment whilst documenting everything here on my blog. I want to acknowledge the changes in my overall health when eliminating social media and replacing the times previously dedicated to social media with positive activities. It’s so easy to blame all of our issues on everyone else, but by accepting that I have control over many aspects of my life that could be negatively affecting my well-being, I am taking that first step to living a more positive, uplifting life. So stay tuned for updates and maybe this will help you to take the next step in caring for yourself and your mental health.

xo ツ

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